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Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Vals. Photo: Markus Casutt


Straightforward and timeless naturalness best describes the architecture. The connection between traditional and modern was important to us. Exquisite materials, modern technology and the strong, unique architecture make the Hotel Steinbock something special. A hotel that can show itself! The focus was on the use of selected, possibly local materials;



The three woods; Spruce, larch and oak, all woods that grow in Switzerland, were deliberately selected. The spruce, a light wood, was used for building rooms on the upper and top floors. Its special properties such as lightness and strength form a perfect basis for a stable, yet "light" construction. In addition, the breathability of a wooden structure is much better than that of a concrete or brick building. So you feel very comfortable in the rooms and it smells good too. The larch, a very weather-resistant wood, was chosen as the facade. The façade, which has changed over the years, is given its own natural swab in every direction. The darkest and warmest wood, the oak, was laid as parquet floors in the room and in the massage room. This rounds off the ambience and gives the rooms a little more warmth. Not to be forgotten is the standing bar made of over 60 year old wood, the breakfast buffet in the restaurant and the reception in the reception.


The use of natural stone was very important as this is a local product. The Valser Stein, from a quarry just around the corner, refines the entire hotel in various areas. It was used as floor slabs in the restaurant and its toilets, in the passage from the basement to the ground floor and in the reception. The Vals natural stone was also laid in the wet rooms of the rooms. Highly polished shelves in the restaurant and in the reception show the stone in its noblest execution. The stone is also impressive as cladding of the stairwell facade. Deliberately processed with visible joints, it defies all weather conditions and looks even better in the rain than in the dry.


The restaurant should leave a unique impression. Homely as at home, but with a view of the village as it only exists here. This enabled large glass fronts on the north and east side, so that the village is almost at your feet.


You get access through a card system, which is also used to switch off the electricity in the rooms when you are away and thus save energy. It is heated with an air heat pump, which warms the room floors pleasantly with water heating without having to use annoying wall radiators. At very cold (mostly rare) temperatures in the multi-digit minus range, electricity is provided by the Zervreila hydropower plant. Digital bookability via our own website or the platform optimizes and simplifies bookability.



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