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On request, preferably on weekends, Agnes Schader von takes care of your tension and does your body a lot of good with various massages. She takes care of  Relaxation from head to toe.


Relaxation for body, mind and soul


The classic massages loosen the muscles, release blockages and promote deep relaxation. Targeted grips help to alleviate discomfort and increase general well-being.


Full body massage             Partial body massage

75 min. Fr. 125.-                  25 min. Fr. 55.-

50 min. Fr. 95, -                   50 min. Fr. 95.-


Capricorn fit

Individual full body massage


Gua Sha, cupping massage and essential oils improve the blood and lymph circulation, so that the organism can excrete metabolic products more easily. In addition, the body's self-healing powers are stimulated and the immune and nervous systems are strengthened.


75 min. Fr.135, -




Arven vital massage


The Swiss stone pine has been valued for centuries for its positive properties and its effect on the human organism. Swiss stone pine lowers the heart rate, reduces stress, stabilizes the circulation and prevents sleep disorders. In the Arven-Vital-Massage, pine wood is used in different forms. (Swiss stone pine fascia roll, Swiss stone pine oil, Swiss stone pine pillow ...) The flow of energy is promoted and tension is loosened.


75 min. Fr.135, -




Liver and yarrow wrap with stimulating foot / leg massage


The liver wrap supports the blood circulation in the liver, which can accelerate the detoxification processes. In addition, the liver wrap acts on the nervous system and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. During the relaxing liver wrap, a foot massage stimulates reflex zones on your body.


40 min. Fr. 85, -

All massages are discounted for Hotel Steinbock guests.



Contact Agnes directly yourself:

Tel: 079 766 55 55

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